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The Word With Us

Getting to Know You:

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

What makes Christmas special for you?

Going Deeper:

Look up Isaiah 7:1‐17 and discuss the following:

-What did it mean for God to be with the Israelites in this passage?

-What was the sign of Immanuel?

-Look up Matt.1:23 to see the fulfillment of that sign.

-What’s the import of the virgin birth

Read Genesis 1 together and comment on each time you see the phrase “God spoke or God said.”  What happens each time?

ow was Jesus involved in creation?   Use John 1:1‐3, Heb.1:1‐3, Col.1:16 to help you. o

Talk about ways God still creates today.

Look up the following verses that talk about Jesus being life and talk about how that should impact your life.  John 14:1‐6, John 11:17‐27, John 10:7‐10.


Start everyday this week specifically thanking God for His creation in your life.

Discuss with your family different ways we can see God with us in our lives.

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