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Living In Community

Getting to Know You:

What’s your favourite team you’ve ever been a part of?

Do you default to being more on the truth side or love side?

Going Deeper:    

What 3 things happen when every believer uses their gift?  Use verses 12‐14 to answer.

Verse 2 calls us to endure with each other.   Think of ways you can “Go Long” with each other in community.  (hint:  look at vs.2)

Look up the following verses that talk about running the race.  How are we called to run?  (1 Cor.9:24‐27, Heb.12:1‐3, 2 Tim.4:7‐ 9)

Talk about some things Christians are known to “be against”.  Using vs.3 discuss how we can be known for what we are for instead.

Talk about how we can avoid a “spiritual hangover” and instead spare no effort to aggressively, continuously pursue unity.

Verse 14 talks about behaving like a spiritual infant.  What does this mean and how we can be mature in our faith instead?   Use Heb.5:11‐14; 6:1‐3 to help you answer.


Think through how you can build someone up and then do it.

Write down 3 ways you can promote community in your church and 3 ways to avoid promoting disunity.

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