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Committing To Each Other

Getting to Know You:

-What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

-What’s your biggest fear?

Going Deeper:

-Discuss the costs and benefits of following Jesus present and future. Look up Luke 9:57-62 to assist you.

-Talk about what distracts Christians from their commitment to the cause of Christ. What might help to focus us instead of distract us?

-Verse 9 talks about play acting love. What are some ways we can live love out?

-Look up Phil.2:1-5 and talk about how we can prefer each other instead of ourselves.

-Verses 11-13 talk about keeping our passion hot. Think of some ways to keep your passion for Christ hot. Discuss how enjoying hope, persevering in tough times, persisting in prayer, giving and pursuing hospitality can keep passion hot.


-Think through how you might take off the masks you put on and get to know someone more this week.

-Pray for your church family at least once each week for a month. Look at firstb.ca prayer site to help.

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