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Remarkable Influence

Getting to Know You:

Where around the world have you been, and which place was your favourite?

Which empire do you think was the greatest on Earth?

Going Deeper:

-Apart from God’s Kingdom, what typically makes a powerful kingdom, and what did they do to get there?

-What do you think the Jews were expecting when they first heard about the Kingdom of God?

-Read Mark 4:15-20, talk about times where you saw someone receive the Gospel, did one of these 4 things occur?

-Read Mark 4:9-12, Why do you think Jesus spoke in parables?

-Why do you think Mark left out the explanations to the other parables?

-Read Mark 4:35-41 How would you have responded if you were one of the disciples in the boat?


-Are you carefully considering Jesus?

-Are you only hearing the word and not understanding and doing?

-How many opportunities with people have you had to plant seeds?

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