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Remarkable Compassion

Getting to Know you:
-If you hadn’t eaten in weeks, what’s the first meal you would eat?
-Would you rather be hangry or tungry? Why?

Going Deeper:
-Read Mark 6:1‐3 and talk about what both amazes you about Jesus and what offends you (or those you know) about Jesus.
-Mark 6:30‐33 talks about the importance of rest. What do you have in place (or could) to ensure you get enough rest and alone time with God?
-Read John 6:35‐69

  1. What did Jesus mean when he said I am the bread of life?
    2. What did many disciples desert Jesus after this miracle? See vs.26,41,60 to help you.
    3.Why did the 12 stay? See vs.69 and discuss what words of life Jesus has?

-Is our church known for being focused on self or others?
-What might we do to change that perception or keep it?

Heading Home:
-What might you do so you are ready to “see a need, meet a need?” Think of some practical ways you can do that this week, then do it!
-Start saving up with your group to meet a need…start thinking of someone you can bless with a gift card to blow their socks off in the name of Jesus for Good Friday!

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