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Remarkable Entrance

Getting to know you:

  • What would you choose as your entrance song?
  • If you could choose any ride, what would your sweet ride be and why?

Going Deeper:

  • Look up Psalm 118:25-26 and Mark 11:9-10.
    • What does it mean for Jesus to be one who is blessed?
    • Hosanna means God saves. How is this term applicable to Jesus as he enters Jerusalem?
  • Read Mark 10:7. How might you respond in a similar situation?
  • Read John 12:15 . Why did it take until the resurrection before the discples realized what was happening?
  • In Mark 10:11 it says Jesus went into the temple, looked around and then left. Why did he do this?  Read vs.12-19 to help your answer.
  • What are some ways we can miss the opportunity to submit to Jesus?

Taking it home:

  • Where can you submit to the rule of Jesus more in your life?
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