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Remarkable Mercy

Getting to Know You:

How many of your friends from public school have you kept in contact with?

Have you ever witnessed or taken part in a trial or disciplinary board, what was it like?

Going Deeper:

Read Mark 14:26-31, why did Jesus reveal to his disciples how they would act in the coming days?

Have you every felt completely abandoned or totally alone?

Read Mark 14:32-42, based on this try to describe how Jesus was feeling, can you sometimes relate?

Read Mark 14:43-50, why did the religious teachers arrest Jesus in the night? What does that tell you about their motivation?

Read Mark 14:55-65, talk about some of the ways Jesus trial was unjust.

How did Jesus show mercy to: His Disciples, the Religious Leaders, the Romans, and the world?


Are you standing up for what is right?

How can we show mercy to people in the worst of circumstances?

Is there someone or something you are seeking justice against instead of showing them mercy?

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