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My Pet Sin Greed

Getting to Know You:
• What’s your happy crappy from this week?
• Whose your favourite dead poet/singer and why?

Going Deeper:
• Look up Genesis 4:1-7. What’s the context? What sin is attempting to do in your life? How you can master the sin in your life?
• Read Col.3:5-8 and Eph.5:3-8. What is greed defined as in both passages? Discuss how greed is like that. What’s the good news in both of these passages?
• In Luke 12:15-21 Jesus tells a story about a rich farmer that sounds very similar to the way we view retirement. How can you ensure you won’t be called a Fool by God in your retirement years? Talk about how to use your retirement years for the Kingdom and “be rich towards God” about leaving a legacy gift for your church or kingdom work when you die.
• Look up Phil.4:10-19 and 1 Tim.6:6-10 and discuss how contentment is the antidote to greed. What is the secret to contentment? How can greed be a root sin leading to other sins?
• Discuss the following statements: Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, greed aggressively affirms ourselves; Jesus calls us to find joy in giving, greed attempts to find joy by keeping or hoarding.

Taking it Home:
• Think through how you might live more simply and seek God’s kingdom first (Luke 12:31)
• Memorize and Meditate on Phil.4:10-13

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