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My Pet Sin Anger

Getting to Know You:
– If you could do anything or go anywhere, what would you do or where would you go?
– What would you parents have named you if you were born the opposite gender?

Going Deeper:
– Eph.4:26 makes it clear it’s possible to be angry and not sin. Talk about why anger is most of the time sinful. Talk about a time in your life when you felt your anger was justified because it made God angry as well.
– In Matthew 5:21‐26 Jesus says anger is just as serious as murder. Discuss why Jesus so strongly warns against anger. What solution does Jesus offer for anger in vs.23‐24. Notice what we should do before worship.
– Read James 1:19‐20. What’s God’s solution to when we feel angry. How might we be slow to anger? Note the difference between God’s anger and man’s anger.
– Proverbs 15:1 says a soft anger turns away wrath. How have you experienced this in your life at home or work or play or elsewhere?
– Eph.4:31 lists 6 different types of anger. List them and talk about which one you struggle with the most and how to solve that.
– According to Eph.4:32 the antidote to anger is love and forgiveness. How can these 2 things practically help calm our anger?

Taking it Home:
– Memorize Psalm 4:4
– When you do get angry, before you respond ask the question “Why am I so angry?”

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