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Is The Bible, Reliable?

Getting to Know You:
– What’s your favourite book (outside of the Bible) and why?
– Who is the person who was most influential in you becoming a Christian?

Going Deeper:
– 2 Tim.3:12 tells us that “everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” Read Matt.10:22 as well. Have you ever been persecuted for your faith? Is it possible we might not be living our faith out the way we should if we’re not being persecuted? How should we be living out our faith then? Sometimes persecution comes from inside the church. Talk about how you can deal with it both inside and outside the church.
– Discuss what you Learn from Paul’s persecutions by looking up Acts 9:19-25, 13:42‐52, 14:8‐20, 16:16‐40, 23:12‐22
– What convinced you of the reliability and relevance of the Bible?
– In what ways does a prayerful and regular study of the bible help you develop a consistent world view? How does the bible speak to relevant issues such as the sanctity of life? Marriage and family? Race and culture? Work ethic? Sexuality and identity? Look up verses that deal with these issues then discuss them as a group.

Take it home:
– Make God’s Word more relevant to you this week by feeding on it regularly.
– Ask God to give you a joy to read, study and know His Word.

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