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My Pet Sin Lust

Getting to Know You:
-Word Association: When you hear the word Community, what comes to mind?
-What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Or if you could go anywhere where would you go?

Going Deeper:
-Go over the 10 commandments actions you learned on Sunday.
-Look up Prov.6:20‐29.
Who is teaching who in these verses?
What does vs.26‐29 say are some of the consequences of lust?
What in these verses keeps one from adultery?

-Look up James 1:13‐15
Where does lust come from?
What’s the end result of lust?

-Look up 1 John 2:15‐17.
Where does lust come from?
What will happen with lust eventually?
What’s wrong with “just looking” according to these verses?

-What did you learn from Andrew Abbott’s story of freedom from lust and porn on Sunday?

Taking it Home:
-Gear up for the battle by choosing a fight verse to memorize this week. Some suggestions:
Eph.5:3, Job.31:1, I Thess.4:3‐4, 2 Cor.10:5

-Protect yourself and your family by going to www.timchallies.com and read and implement the porn free family.
-Ensure you’re no getting porn for your children this year for Christmas by protecting them from their devices.

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