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My Pet Sin Pride

Getting to Know You:
• What’s your favourite type of pie?
• What made you happy this week?

Going Deeper:
• Why are we often tempted to put ourselves first? Why is it difficult to believe that by putting myself low, I will be exalted according to vs.11?
• Discuss some practical ways to put ourselves last instead of first?
• Is it alright to serve with a motivation for reward? See Luke 14:12-14, Matt.6:1-4, Matt.6:19-21, 1 Tim.6:17-19 to assist you.
• Read James 4:6-10
o Why does God actively oppose the proud?
o How does this make you feel?
o According to these verses, how should we “humble yourselves before the Lord.”
o What does it mean that if we humble ourselves “he will lift you up”?
• Read Psalm 10:1-11 .
o According to vs.3-4, 6 & 10 What type of attitude typifies the proud?
o Why does the proud person have “no room for God”?
o How does the proud person live?
o According to vs.12-18 what is the end result of the proud?
o Is there any hope for the proud?

Taking it Home:
• Plan as a family how to let your humility lead you to generosity. Come up with some ideas to be generous then implement them.
• Make the following prayer a part of your daily routine: Lord keep me humble.

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