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New Year, New You Part 1

Getting to Know you:
• What was the highlight of your Christmas break?
• What, if any, is your new years resolution? How likey do you think you are to following through on it?

Going Deeper:
• Read 2 Corinthians 5: 15-21
o Briefly summarize what the text is saying.
o something that stand out to
• What do you think it means to be made righteous? What are the noticeable signs in your life that you have been made righteous?
• In what way is the “old you” different than the “new you” after you decided to follow Jesus?
• In what ways has the way you see others changed since you have become a new creation?
• What does it mean to live your life for Jesus, instead of for yourself?

Taking it Home:
• What does being a reconcilor and an ambassador mean for you practically in your life today?

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