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A New Self

Getting to Know You:
• What was the best gift you received this Christmas?
• What was the worst gift you ever received?

Going Deeper:
• According to Col.3:1-2 we are called to set our hearts and minds on things above. To set means to seek or pursue after something. How might we seek things that are above and what are the things above that we are to set our minds and hearts on?
• Col.3:5 calls us to put to death a list of 5 things. Discuss what each of the things on this list refer to and talk about why these things are considered “earthly”?
• Look up Eph.4:23-24 and Romans 12:2 and talk about what it means to be renewed.
• What are we to put on according to Col.3:12-15? How are we to forgive one another according to vs.13? Discuss what it means to forgive like God has forgiven us.
• Vs.14 says the most important thing to put on is love. Why is this the most important? How do we let forgiveness, love and peace develop in our lives according to vs.17. What does that look like in your life?

Taking it Home:
• Take a look at the 2 lists of things to take off and put on in Col.3:5-9 and 3:12-15. Determine which of the things you need to put off and on and make a plan on how to do both this week.
• Ask someone close to you what you need to take off the most

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