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New Mercies

Getting to Know You:
– Talk about the hardest time you’ve faced in your life and how God’s mercies impacted you during that time.

Going Deeper:
– Look up Isaiah 30:18, Exodus 34:6‐7, Jonah 4:2
o Discuss God’s steadfast love or Hesed according to these verses. How does his Hesed cause God to act.
o How should we act knowing what God has shown to us?

– Read Lam.3:19‐21
o How does remembering what you’ve been through and remembering who God is help bring you through times of misery?
o The word remember in vs.19‐20 means to name or call out. How can naming or calling out your misery to God help?
o How does knowing God cares for and hears us in our misery give us hope?

– Read Lam.3:23
o Talk about how you’ve seen God’s faithfulness in your life.
o Discuss the statement “judgment for sin as promised proves God’s faithfulness.”

– Read Deut.28 if you want more info on blessing and cursing of covenant between Israel and God.

– Read Lam.3:25‐30.
o Who is the Lord good to and why?
o Why is it good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord?

Taking it Home:
– Spend some quiet time this week reflecting on God’s goodness in your life.
– Ask God to give you an opportunity to show his Hesed to someone this week.

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