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A New Song

Getting to Know You:
– What’s your favourite style of music?
–  Do you prefer older or newer songs?

Going Deeper:
– Discuss the following statement: A Spirit filled person is a singing person.
   -> Look up Eph.5:17‐20 to help you answer this question.
   -> What do spirit filled people do according to vs.19?
   -> What does that mean for those who call themselves followers of Jesus but don’t sing for reasons other than medical?
– Look up Revelation 5:9‐14 and describe the worship that John saw in heaven.
– Look up Ps.40:3, Ps.96:1, Ps.144:9, Isa.42:10 and talk about why new songs seem to be so important in our worship of God.
– Read Psalm 98:9 and talk about what Jesus comes to judge.
   -> Judgment in this case means Jesus will obtain and maintain justice and proper order.
   -> How is this different than the way we normally view judgment?
– Look up Luke 19:20 and view it in light of Psalm 98:7‐9. What will happen if we choose not to sing?

Taking it Home:
– Memorize Psalm 59:16‐‐ But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble.
– Take a moment this week to listen to the song of creation and then join them in singing!

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