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A New Covenant

Getting to Know You:
• What comes to mind when you hear the word covenant?

• Participate in a time of communion with your group this week with the leader serving those in your group.

Going Deeper:
• Discuss the difference between a contract and a covenant.

• How frequently do you think the Lord’s Supper or communion be observed? Look up Luke 22:19 and Acts 20:7 to help you answer.

• Read Exodus 24:1-8. What’s the difference between Mosaic covenant and the new covenant according to these verses? Notice vs.2, and 5-8 in particular.
o Why is blood so much a part of covenants in the bible?

• Look up Hebrews 9:15 and think through what it means for Christ to be the mediator of the new covenant.

• Look up Eph.1:13.
o What is one of the Holy Spirits job according to this verse?
o When does the Holy Spirit take up residence in our lives?
o What’s the connection between the Spirit of God and the New Covenant?

Taking it Home:
• Discuss at home the significnace of communion with your family. Why we do it regularly. Use Luke 22:19 to help your discussion. Consider having a time of communion with your family.

• Read 1 Cor.11:27-31 and spend time examining yourself before the Lord.

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