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A New Commandment

Getting to Know You:
• What’s the wackiest valentines thing (gift, card, date) you’ve ever given or received?
• Other than God and your family, what would you say you love the most?

Going Deeper:
• Read John 13:1-16 and discuss the following about the connection between love & service.
o What does vs.15-17 tell us is the reason why Jesus washed feet?
o Vs.11 tells us Jesus loved those who betray him by serving them. How might we manage to do that as well?

• Read John 15:9-17 and answer the following:
o According to vs.13 how deeply are we to love each other?
o What are the indications that we love God in these verses?

• Read 1 John 2:7-11, 3:10-12, 4:7-10, 20-21
o How do we show we love God according to these verses?
o What if we don’t love other Christians?
o List some ways you can practically loveothers.

• Read John 13:36-38
o What was Peter willing to do to show his love for Jesus?
o What does vs.36 mean when Jesus says “you can’t follow now, but later you will?”

Spend time washing each other’s feet in group in an act of serving and loving each other.

Taking it Home:
• Take the list you made at group and put at least one of these things into action this week.
• Spend some time praying through church prayer needs with your family. It’s much easier to love people when you pray for them

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