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Perfect Destiny

Getting to Know you:
• What was the highlight of your MarchBreak?
• What stood out most to you from Sunday’s message?

Going Deeper:
• In what ways does knowing your perfect destiny as a Christian impact the way you live your life under the restriction of sin?
• In what ways is our destiny restricted by sin, and how do those restrictions impact your life?
• What does it mean to you to be a king without a kingdom?
• Knowing that Jesus was human in every respect, does that impact the way you understand your relationship with him?
• Do you find it difficult to trust in God’s timetable? Is there a time in your life when you chose not to wait on God, what happened? Or, is there a time in your life when you waited patiently for God in midst of struggle, what happened?

Taking it Home:
• What does redemptive work mean to you and what are some areas of your life that you have been called to begin the work of redemption.
• What areas of your life do you need to examine and take back power from the Devil?

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