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Remarkable Influence

Getting to Know You: Where around the world have you been, and which place was your favourite? Which empire do you think was the greatest on Earth? Going Deeper: -Apart from God’s Kingdom, what typically makes a powerful… Read More

Remarkable Stand

Getting to Know You: -What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Going Deeper: -Look up Mark 3:23-29 – In Vs 23-27 Jesus talks about a kingdom that is divided. What causes a kingdom to fall? -Read James 1:6-8… Read More

Remarkable Conflict

Leaders listen in to this clip:  Getting to Know You: -Would you rather have a fight with your spouse or a fight with a pro boxer? -What’s the worst conflict you’ve ever been in? Going Deeper: -Look up… Read More


Getting to Know You: -Talk about the best news you’ve ever received. Going Deeper: -Describe the kingdom of God according to the following parables. Matthew 13:24-30  Matthew 13:31-32 Matthew 13:44-46 What is the kingdom like? Why does Jesus… Read More

Follow The Leader

Getting to Know You: -What was your favourite game as a kid? How about now? -Would you describe yourself as a leader or a follower? Why? Going Deeper: -What are some things you’ve had to leave behind to… Read More

Committing To Each Other

Getting to Know You: -What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? -What’s your biggest fear? Going Deeper: -Discuss the costs and benefits of following Jesus present and future. Look up Luke 9:57-62 to assist you. -Talk about what… Read More

Living In Community

Getting to Know You: What’s your favourite team you’ve ever been a part of? Do you default to being more on the truth side or love side? Going Deeper:     What 3 things happen when every believer… Read More

The Word With Us

Getting to Know You: What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? What makes Christmas special for you? Going Deeper: Look up Isaiah 7:1‐17 and discuss the following: -What did it mean for God to be with the… Read More