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Praying For My Church

Getting to Know You:

  • Would you rather pray in front of a large crowd of people you know, or don’t know and why?
  • What’s your favourite dessert?

Going Deeper:

  • Look up and read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Why are we told not to “wage war like the world does.”?  What does that mean?  According to this verse how are we to fight?  How is prayer a weapon of war?  Use Eph.6:10ff to help answer this.
  • John Piper says “prayer is the way you walk by faith”. Why is prayer so crucial to your faith walk?  Why is prayer so critical for your church?
  • 2 Thess.3:1 makes clear that prayer is a present active verb which means we’re to be people who keep on praying. 1 Thess.5:17 says to pray continually.   How is this possible or practicle?
  • Read Psalm 119:9-16, 33-40, 89-96, 97-105, 129-136…Notice what these verses have in common and discuss how we can “delight” and “rejoice” in God’s Word.
  • 2 Thess.3:3 reminds us “the Lord is faithful.” What does it mean for Jesus to be faithful in contrast to “not everyone having faith.”  Talk about a specific time you have seen God’s faithfulness in your life.

Taking it Home:

  • Spend time praying in your group for your church…for the things listed on the fill in the blank side of the sheet.
  • This week–Pray for someone by name in your church that God would clear the way for His love to be shown to them, that they would then show that love to others and for them to follow Jesus’ example of perseverance in the middle of trials and temptations.
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Thankful For My Church

Getting to Know You:

  • What are you most thankful for? What do you have the most trouble being thankful for?
  • Talk about your favourite thanksgiving memory.

Going Deeper:

  • Discuss the difference between having an attitude of gratitude and having good manners (saying thank you) and the statement “Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontentment.”
  • Look up 1 Thess.5:16-18 and discuss why it’s God’s will for us to be thankful in all circumstances and in all things. How is that practical in tough times?
  • Look up the following verses and talk about what they have in common about thankfulness. (Rom.1:8, 1 Cor.1:4, Eph.1:15-16, Phil.1:3, 1 Thess.1:2) Why does Paul spend so much time thanking the church?
  • Why is it so crucial a church is founded on the gospel of Jesus and the faith, hope and love triad? Talk about you can practically have your faith looking upward, love looking outward and hope looking forward.
  • Why is it so crucial to pray for your church? According to verses 9-14 what should you pray for your church about?

Taking it Home:

  • Spend time this week and hand write a thank you note to someone in your church thanking them personally for their service in the church or their impact on your life.
  • Make a Top 5 list of reasons why you are thankful for your church.
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Remarkable Mercy

Getting to Know You:

How many of your friends from public school have you kept in contact with?

Have you ever witnessed or taken part in a trial or disciplinary board, what was it like?

Going Deeper:

Read Mark 14:26-31, why did Jesus reveal to his disciples how they would act in the coming days?

Have you every felt completely abandoned or totally alone?

Read Mark 14:32-42, based on this try to describe how Jesus was feeling, can you sometimes relate?

Read Mark 14:43-50, why did the religious teachers arrest Jesus in the night? What does that tell you about their motivation?

Read Mark 14:55-65, talk about some of the ways Jesus trial was unjust.

How did Jesus show mercy to: His Disciples, the Religious Leaders, the Romans, and the world?


Are you standing up for what is right?

How can we show mercy to people in the worst of circumstances?

Is there someone or something you are seeking justice against instead of showing them mercy?

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Remarkable Death

Getting to know you

– What was the very first thing you can remember purchasing and how much did it cost you?

– Tell of one of your childhood fears and how you overcame it.

Going Deeper

– What makes Jesus different from the other High Priests that served in the temple? (Hebrews 10:11-12, 9:11-14, 7:23-28) What is another aspect of Old Testament Law that Jesus replaces through his death?

– In pairs, read different parts of Leviticus 16 so that the entire chapter is covered by the whole group. Describe the rituals required on the Day of Atonement.

– Look at the monetary worth of the temple (1 Chronicles 22:14) and the extra money that David gave towards the building project (1 Chron. 29:3-5). What does this say about how generous we should be towards the local church, which is composed of many temples of the Holy Spirit? (this is a teaser for the Living Generously series)

– Identify at least 2 gospel truths in Romans 6:5-11. These are reasons to celebrate daily; Jesus’ death makes us die to sin, too! How do you/can you celebrate and live this everyday?

Taking it Home

– Jesus says that our lights as Christians cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14-16), but we often do. What do you want to change in your life this week to let your life shine brighter?

– Pray for an opportunity to tell someone specific tomorrow about Jesus’ remarkable death. Now, go and do it!

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Remarkable Signs

Getting to Know You:

  • What causes you to panic?
  • What’s the craziest sign you have ever seen?

Going Deeper:

  • Time and time again Jesus calls us to keep watch and be alert in Mark 13. How should we watch and get ready for the return of Jesus?
  • Look up Zechariah 14:1-7, Revelation 19:1-6 and describe the 2nd coming of Jesus.
  • Look at the parable of the fig in Mark 13:28-31. What does Jesus mean by “this generation” in vs.30?  Compare vs.31 with Isaiah 40:6-8.  What is Jesus claiming here?
  • How should we get ready for coming persecution? Look up 1 Thess.2:14; Matt.5:11-12, Heb.12:1-3, 1 Peter 5:9.
  • Look up Mark 13:6-7, 21-23. How can we guard against being deceived about Jesus?

Taking it Home:

  • Pray for someone this week who wouldn’t be ready if Jesus returned today. What might you do to help them get ready?
  • Write down one way you might release control in your life and give it over to God. Then act on that!
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Remarkable Commands

Getting to Know You

Name three things you love the most!

What do you love most about your church?

Going Deeper

How would you describe love? Why do we use the word love to describe our feelings about so many different things? i.e. love for cheeseburgers vs love for a spouse.

Read Mark 12:28-34. What is the significance of a burnt offering? How does this apply to loving your neighbour?

What does it actually look like to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength?

Jesus died for us even though we were his enemies. (Romans 5:10) Give some practical examples of how we can show love to our enemies.

Look up Romans 10:14-15. Who is Paul talking about when he says “they?” What should be our main mission as the church?

Taking it Home:

We show love for God by doing his will. Take a piece of paper and write the name of someone you plan to invite to church this week. Next week take the time to discuss how that went. We can do it!! Let’s show God love by following His commands!

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Remarkable Resurrection

Getting to Know You

  • What’s one thing you’re looking forward to when it comes to resurrection?
  • Discuss your favourite Easter memory and worst Easter disaster.

Going Deeper

  • Why do you think Mark chose to end his book so abruptly at verse 8? Why do you think someone tried to finish the story?
  • Read 1 Corinthians 15:12-20 and discuss several reasons why resurrection is everything for the follower of Jesus.
  • How might you defend the resurrection against a skeptic?
  • Read Mark 16:6-8 What made the resurrection scary at first and for many today?
  • Look up Romans 8:0-11 and 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. Discuss the relevance of resurrection to our everyday lives.
  • How might we live with an expectation of resurrection?

Taking it Home:

  • Live the resurrection this week by sharing a meal with someone
  • The first response to the risen Christ was one of worship. (Matt.28:9) Think through how you can worship the risen Christ and practice His presence this week and unplug and spend some alone time with God in awe again of the resurrection.
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Remarkable Entrance

Getting to know you:

  • What would you choose as your entrance song?
  • If you could choose any ride, what would your sweet ride be and why?

Going Deeper:

  • Look up Psalm 118:25-26 and Mark 11:9-10.
    • What does it mean for Jesus to be one who is blessed?
    • Hosanna means God saves. How is this term applicable to Jesus as he enters Jerusalem?
  • Read Mark 10:7. How might you respond in a similar situation?
  • Read John 12:15 . Why did it take until the resurrection before the discples realized what was happening?
  • In Mark 10:11 it says Jesus went into the temple, looked around and then left. Why did he do this?  Read vs.12-19 to help your answer.
  • What are some ways we can miss the opportunity to submit to Jesus?

Taking it home:

  • Where can you submit to the rule of Jesus more in your life?
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Remarkable Inheritance

Getting to Know You:

  • What’s your favourite aspect of the kingdom?
  • What’s the silliest saying you’ve ever heard?

Going Deeper:

  • Talk about why it is impossible for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. Use Matt.6:24 and James 5:1-6 to assist you.
  • Who then can enter the kingdom of God?
  • Discuss the following statement: Wealth has a voracious appetite that binds people to earth.
    • Discuss why Jesus promised persecution as a reward in Mark 10:30. Use Romans 5:1-6.
    • Read Ephesians 1:18-23 and discuss the inheritance waiting for followers of Jesus.
    • Discuss what it means that those who are first are last and those last first and how we ensure we are placing ourselves last.

    Taking it Home:

    • What has Jesus asked you to give up to follow him? How can you continue to give that up this week?
    • Think of some ways you could be generous with the wealth God has given you this week and then be generous.
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Remarkable Identity

Getting to Know You:

-Would you rather be a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly or a tadpole that turns into a frog? Why?

-Talk about one area where Jesus has already changed you.

Going Deeper:

-Compare and contrast the transfiguration with the giving of the Law and being in God’s presence in Ex.24 & Ex.33… what similarities and differences do you find?

-Look up Revelation 1:12-18, 19:8, 3:4-5, 18 and talk about the importance of white clothing both for Jesus and his followers. What does it signify?

-Biblically speaking how might we keep our clothing white?

-Matt.5:17 talks about how Jesus fulfilled both the law and the prophets. Talk about some ways in which he did this.

-Discuss the various views of Jesus today and how you might challenge someone to change their view.(pop culture, curse word, good guy, myth)

Taking it Home:

-Memorize Romans 12:2

-Decide what you need to change and come up with an action & accountability plan to make that happen.

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