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My Pet Sin Worry

Getting to Know you:

  • What is your greatest fear?
  • What’s your favourite book of the Bible?

Going Deeper:

  • Read Phil.4:8 and discuss the following:
    • What should we focus on instead of worry?
    • What makes it difficult to focus on these things?
    • How have you practically focussed on these things?
  • Read Matt.6:19-34. What truths can you identity as being vital for ridding ourselves of anxiety?
  • Twice we are commanded to rejoice in Phil.4:4. What’s a good biblical definition of rejoice?  Is it more a feeling or decision of the will?  How might you cultivate joy in your life?
  • How does God’s peace guard our hearts and minds according to Phil.4:7? How does it make you feel knowing the God of peace will be with you?
  • Read 1 Peter 5:7.
    • How might we cast our anxiety on the Lord?
    • What are some ways you’ve personally seen God caring for you?

Taking it Home:

  • Make a list of the things you worry about most and start praying and petitioning and requesting with thanks to God to have you give them over to him.
  • Spend time this week committing Phil.4:6-7 to memory and come prepared to recite it next week.
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My Pet Sin Lust

Getting to Know You:
-Word Association: When you hear the word Community, what comes to mind?
-What’s the best vacation you’ve ever been on? Or if you could go anywhere where would you go?

Going Deeper:
-Go over the 10 commandments actions you learned on Sunday.
-Look up Prov.6:20‐29.
Who is teaching who in these verses?
What does vs.26‐29 say are some of the consequences of lust?
What in these verses keeps one from adultery?

-Look up James 1:13‐15
Where does lust come from?
What’s the end result of lust?

-Look up 1 John 2:15‐17.
Where does lust come from?
What will happen with lust eventually?
What’s wrong with “just looking” according to these verses?

-What did you learn from Andrew Abbott’s story of freedom from lust and porn on Sunday?

Taking it Home:
-Gear up for the battle by choosing a fight verse to memorize this week. Some suggestions:
Eph.5:3, Job.31:1, I Thess.4:3‐4, 2 Cor.10:5

-Protect yourself and your family by going to www.timchallies.com and read and implement the porn free family.
-Ensure you’re no getting porn for your children this year for Christmas by protecting them from their devices.

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Building Your Life on a Solid Foundation

Getting to Know you:
➢ If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about, and which actor would you want to play you?
➢ If you could be anybody besides yourself, you would be.

Going Deeper:

Read the following passages from the Sermon on the Mount and discuss a few of the following attitudes and behaviours mean when building the Strong Foundation of a Spiritual Christian Life;

Taking it Home:

Salvation is by faith alone in Jesus Christ, but obedience to Jesus’ teaching is vitally important to further the work of the kingdom. Jesus teaching in the Sermon on the Mount was intended to be obeyed. You will not be rewarded in heaven for what you heard and believed, only for what you did in obedience to Christ. One of our former pastors used to speak of God’s coming question for each of us on Judgment Day; “What did you do with my Son Jesus?”

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Valuing The Bible

Getting to Know you: 

  • When you hear the word priceless, what do you think of?
  • What’s your favourite Bible story and why?

Going Deeper:

  • Read Jeremiah 23:29, Hebrews 4:12. What pictures are used in these verses for the Word of God and how does the Bible function that way?
  • Kevin talked about how the bible is historically accurate, scientifically accurate and prophetically accurate. Talk about how you might convince someone of the legitimacy of the Bible using one or more of these methods.
  • Read Psalm 119:105 and talk about how the Bible is like a GPS.
  • The Bible claims to bring comfort. Read 2 Cor.1:3-5 and speak about how you could bring comfort to other Christians as well as non believers using God’s Word.
  • Read Psalm 119:9-11 and talk about how God’s Word can keep you from sinning.
  • Look up the following verses and discuss the importance of obeying God’s Word. 11:1/John 14:15, 15:14, 1 John 2:3.

Taking It Home

  • Spend time praying for you group that you might rejoice and delight in God’s Word as you should.
  • Review your schedule and think through what you could cut out so God’s Word could receive the important place it deserves in your life.


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Is The Bible, Reliable?

Getting to Know You:
– What’s your favourite book (outside of the Bible) and why?
– Who is the person who was most influential in you becoming a Christian?

Going Deeper:
– 2 Tim.3:12 tells us that “everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” Read Matt.10:22 as well. Have you ever been persecuted for your faith? Is it possible we might not be living our faith out the way we should if we’re not being persecuted? How should we be living out our faith then? Sometimes persecution comes from inside the church. Talk about how you can deal with it both inside and outside the church.
– Discuss what you Learn from Paul’s persecutions by looking up Acts 9:19-25, 13:42‐52, 14:8‐20, 16:16‐40, 23:12‐22
– What convinced you of the reliability and relevance of the Bible?
– In what ways does a prayerful and regular study of the bible help you develop a consistent world view? How does the bible speak to relevant issues such as the sanctity of life? Marriage and family? Race and culture? Work ethic? Sexuality and identity? Look up verses that deal with these issues then discuss them as a group.

Take it home:
– Make God’s Word more relevant to you this week by feeding on it regularly.
– Ask God to give you a joy to read, study and know His Word.

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My Pet Sin Anger

Getting to Know You:
– If you could do anything or go anywhere, what would you do or where would you go?
– What would you parents have named you if you were born the opposite gender?

Going Deeper:
– Eph.4:26 makes it clear it’s possible to be angry and not sin. Talk about why anger is most of the time sinful. Talk about a time in your life when you felt your anger was justified because it made God angry as well.
– In Matthew 5:21‐26 Jesus says anger is just as serious as murder. Discuss why Jesus so strongly warns against anger. What solution does Jesus offer for anger in vs.23‐24. Notice what we should do before worship.
– Read James 1:19‐20. What’s God’s solution to when we feel angry. How might we be slow to anger? Note the difference between God’s anger and man’s anger.
– Proverbs 15:1 says a soft anger turns away wrath. How have you experienced this in your life at home or work or play or elsewhere?
– Eph.4:31 lists 6 different types of anger. List them and talk about which one you struggle with the most and how to solve that.
– According to Eph.4:32 the antidote to anger is love and forgiveness. How can these 2 things practically help calm our anger?

Taking it Home:
– Memorize Psalm 4:4
– When you do get angry, before you respond ask the question “Why am I so angry?”

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My Pet Sin Greed

Getting to Know You:
• What’s your happy crappy from this week?
• Whose your favourite dead poet/singer and why?

Going Deeper:
• Look up Genesis 4:1-7. What’s the context? What sin is attempting to do in your life? How you can master the sin in your life?
• Read Col.3:5-8 and Eph.5:3-8. What is greed defined as in both passages? Discuss how greed is like that. What’s the good news in both of these passages?
• In Luke 12:15-21 Jesus tells a story about a rich farmer that sounds very similar to the way we view retirement. How can you ensure you won’t be called a Fool by God in your retirement years? Talk about how to use your retirement years for the Kingdom and “be rich towards God” about leaving a legacy gift for your church or kingdom work when you die.
• Look up Phil.4:10-19 and 1 Tim.6:6-10 and discuss how contentment is the antidote to greed. What is the secret to contentment? How can greed be a root sin leading to other sins?
• Discuss the following statements: Jesus calls us to deny ourselves, greed aggressively affirms ourselves; Jesus calls us to find joy in giving, greed attempts to find joy by keeping or hoarding.

Taking it Home:
• Think through how you might live more simply and seek God’s kingdom first (Luke 12:31)
• Memorize and Meditate on Phil.4:10-13

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Praying For My Church

Getting to Know You:

  • Would you rather pray in front of a large crowd of people you know, or don’t know and why?
  • What’s your favourite dessert?

Going Deeper:

  • Look up and read 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. Why are we told not to “wage war like the world does.”?  What does that mean?  According to this verse how are we to fight?  How is prayer a weapon of war?  Use Eph.6:10ff to help answer this.
  • John Piper says “prayer is the way you walk by faith”. Why is prayer so crucial to your faith walk?  Why is prayer so critical for your church?
  • 2 Thess.3:1 makes clear that prayer is a present active verb which means we’re to be people who keep on praying. 1 Thess.5:17 says to pray continually.   How is this possible or practicle?
  • Read Psalm 119:9-16, 33-40, 89-96, 97-105, 129-136…Notice what these verses have in common and discuss how we can “delight” and “rejoice” in God’s Word.
  • 2 Thess.3:3 reminds us “the Lord is faithful.” What does it mean for Jesus to be faithful in contrast to “not everyone having faith.”  Talk about a specific time you have seen God’s faithfulness in your life.

Taking it Home:

  • Spend time praying in your group for your church…for the things listed on the fill in the blank side of the sheet.
  • This week–Pray for someone by name in your church that God would clear the way for His love to be shown to them, that they would then show that love to others and for them to follow Jesus’ example of perseverance in the middle of trials and temptations.
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Thankful For My Church

Getting to Know You:

  • What are you most thankful for? What do you have the most trouble being thankful for?
  • Talk about your favourite thanksgiving memory.

Going Deeper:

  • Discuss the difference between having an attitude of gratitude and having good manners (saying thank you) and the statement “Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontentment.”
  • Look up 1 Thess.5:16-18 and discuss why it’s God’s will for us to be thankful in all circumstances and in all things. How is that practical in tough times?
  • Look up the following verses and talk about what they have in common about thankfulness. (Rom.1:8, 1 Cor.1:4, Eph.1:15-16, Phil.1:3, 1 Thess.1:2) Why does Paul spend so much time thanking the church?
  • Why is it so crucial a church is founded on the gospel of Jesus and the faith, hope and love triad? Talk about you can practically have your faith looking upward, love looking outward and hope looking forward.
  • Why is it so crucial to pray for your church? According to verses 9-14 what should you pray for your church about?

Taking it Home:

  • Spend time this week and hand write a thank you note to someone in your church thanking them personally for their service in the church or their impact on your life.
  • Make a Top 5 list of reasons why you are thankful for your church.
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Remarkable Mercy

Getting to Know You:

How many of your friends from public school have you kept in contact with?

Have you ever witnessed or taken part in a trial or disciplinary board, what was it like?

Going Deeper:

Read Mark 14:26-31, why did Jesus reveal to his disciples how they would act in the coming days?

Have you every felt completely abandoned or totally alone?

Read Mark 14:32-42, based on this try to describe how Jesus was feeling, can you sometimes relate?

Read Mark 14:43-50, why did the religious teachers arrest Jesus in the night? What does that tell you about their motivation?

Read Mark 14:55-65, talk about some of the ways Jesus trial was unjust.

How did Jesus show mercy to: His Disciples, the Religious Leaders, the Romans, and the world?


Are you standing up for what is right?

How can we show mercy to people in the worst of circumstances?

Is there someone or something you are seeking justice against instead of showing them mercy?

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