Our Leadership Team

Ministry Staff

Lead Pastor: Pastor Kevin Furtney

Kevin is married to the love of his life Elizabeth and between them they have 6 very active and energetic children. Here is a bit about Kevin in his own words:

Yes before you ask, I did say 6 and yes we are a bit crazy!

I love to teach and preach God’s Word in truth and with passion and conviction and I firmly believe God’s Word needs to be the instruction manual for life. The church is the hope of the world and needs to be the place where spirituality gains traction and momentum with a safe and loving environment for all shapes, colours, backgrounds and ages. We trust First Baptist Church is a place you might call your church home as you seek learn who God is; to worship God in truth; connect with other believers Sunday mornings and during the week at community groups and have a safe and welcoming environment for your family.

My favourite Sports teams are: The Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors.

My Favourite thing to do: I love to enjoy life. Life is made to be lived to its fullest. So campouts and fishing and hunting and playing hockey and baseball and going on walks and hikes and runs and canoeing and snowmobiling and whatever else keeps me active with my family and friends is a life well lived in my book.

My Favourite movies: Super hero or action packed movies including but not limited to Marvel Super Heroes and of course anything Star Wars!

My Favourite food: I love see food…what I see I eat, but outside of that surf and turf, sushi and pretty much any pie are my top three favourite foods.

Office & Facilities Staff

Administrator: Kelly Trahan

Building Care: Richard Moore

Lay Pastors/Elders

Pastor Tony Linton, P. Eng.

Family Life: Tony has been married (Enola) since 1989. Together they have 3 grown children, Kassandra (Married to Andrew Claydon), Jennifer (married to Josh Graber) and Reginald, and grandfather to Dominic, Mia (Kass and Andrew) and Keturah (Jen and Josh). Hobby time is spent fixing cars, fishing and hunting.

Church Life: Growing up in Kirkland Lake / Englehart area of Northern Ontario, Tony accepted Jesus’ free gift of Salvation at the age of five and was baptised in the Englehart FBC at the age of 10. Within a year of moving to Timmins in 1997 Enola and Tony began attending Timmins FBC and became involved on various levels eventually becoming a deacon and elder. As a praise team leader and elder / pastor, much of Tony’s work within the church has centered around organizing people and projects culminating in his current task of supporting the Community Groups.

KFM - Northern Ontario’s Christian Radio – www.kfmradio.ca : Tony and Enola are actively working as volunteers with the KFM network. As the Timmins and area station manager, Tony occasionally hosts “Timmins Talk” weekday mornings at 7:20am as “Our Croney Tony” spelling off “Our Pal Cal”. Appearances at various Church hosted and community events with the KFM-Car-with-the-Flashing-Lights and On-Location spots along with special mention on “Timmins Talk” combined with regular programming provides Timmins Churches access to the largest mission field in Northern Ontario potentially reaching 300,000 people in the privacy of their own homes and cars.

Work Life: As Professional Mining Engineer licenced in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Yukon and with experience in Project and Mine Management, Project Engineering, Underground Supervision and Construction, his key ability is to bring practical mining experience to the design and execution of any mining project. A graduate from Queens University and Haileybury School of Mines and specializing in Shaft Sinking and Mine Development, Tony has 31 years of experience in mining and mining related activities.

Pastor Doug Arnold

Oversight Team

Kristen McNulty (Chairperson)

Ray Leveille

Mark Jones

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